Parts & Names

Based on FW 4-speed, but the parts are very similar in other hubs.

This shows the sort of things you will find on the left-hand side of the hub.

From the left of the diagram : LH axle nut, axle locking washer, cone locknut, Axle cone with dustcap, outer dust cap, ball cage with balls, LH ball cup.

And this shows what you will find on the right-hand side:

From the left : outer dust cap, sprocket dust cap, sprocket spacing washer, sprocket, circlip, axle cone and dust cap, RH cone locking washer, cone locknut, axle locking washer, RH axle nut.

This is the hub shell and right-hand ball ring:

And here's some of the weeny vital bits you'll find inside:

Clutch sleeve, collar for compensator spring (very weeny!), compensator spring, sliding clutch, axle key, thrust ring, thrust washer, clutch spring, clutch spring cap.

And some more vital bits from right in the middle - you may never get to dismantle these :

Locknut, locking washer, dog ring, low gear key, pinion sleeve, secondary sun pinion, primary sun pinion.

Gear ring and driver:

Planet cage:

On the left is the planet cage with all its bits still in. You should be able to remove various bits from here : pawls, pawl pins and hair-like springs that get lost, and are horribly difficult to put back in. (Amazingly my LBS stocks these.) And a selection of planet pinions and pins. These may have timing marks on them.

Indicator rods - these may be in 2 halves like this one, or may could be in one piece.

And lastly, the bare axle with low gear spring - these do vary a lot in appearance, but I'm sure you'll know this bit when you see it! :

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