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The 1956 Sturmey Archer Catalogue - Service Section

Use and Maintenance


General Dismantling ∓mp; General Re-assembling - read these first, as they describe the first stages before the individual dismantlings and reassemblies for the older models.

Individual Dismantlings and Reassemblies:

Sturmey's ever popular robust 3-speed AW Hub

The 4-speed FW Hub as favoured by Dr. Moulton in the '60's

From a very greasy page in the manual the AG 3-speed hub and Dynohub.

A new section very kindly supplied by Andrew Pattle from The Cycling Book of Maintenance - how to deal with BSA hubs. Some consider these superior to S-A hubs although they are based on an early Sturmey design.

For the more up to date among us, a new section on the S3C Tricoaster 3-speed hub and coaster brake.

Hurrah! The nice man at Sturmey Archer has sent me bags of new stuff. Sprinter and Sprinter Elite 5-speed hubs.

Fault diagnosis chart for the above - it may be relevant to other hubs, but I haven't got around to reading them all yet.

Parts and names :

Goodness knows why I started doing this, but I'm quite pleased with it now I've done it. I got horribly confused the first time I dismantled a Sturmey Archer hub trying to remember the names of all the bits. I hope this helps all you first timers out there...Parts and names.

Further reading :

Sheldon Brown has constructed an enormous web-site absolutely bursting with information. If you want more stuff than you can shake a stick at just whizz off to his pages : Sheldon Brown He has also agreed to put a mirror of the Sturmey Archer information on his site, as I felt it would be found by more people there.

Sturmey-Archer addresses :

Following many requests for Sturmey-Archer contact addresses, Chris watched the service video right to the end, and spent a happy 10 minutes playing with the pause button. We hope you find this little lot useful.

Great news! Sturmey-Archer are on the web at last - Anything you want to know on current production models, but not a lot on the older stuff - just stay here for that!

Links, links, links.......

If you want to know about folding bikes, or indeed many other types of bikes, you could do worse than having a look at : The excellent A2B website

And the Sturmey-Archer guru himself:Tony Hadland Tony now has the entire 1956 service manual available in acrobat format.

Brian Perkins has asked me to add a link to his bicycle restoration website – he’s got a lot of information about servicing old bikes and hubs with photos and slideshows.

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