Jane's roll top Brompton bag:

Click here for the main pattern pieces. You will need to scale these up to full size for your pattern. All measurements are in millimetres. There are patterns for 2 bag sizes included. The standard size is the same as the origonal Brompton cloth pannier. The larger size is 50mm deeper.

Click here for requirements and addresses

Click here for making up instructions

I hope you find this lot useful - please let me know if you have any comments / useful suggestions. This bag is my design, albeit based on the zip top cloth pannier supplied by Brompton. Brompton are aware of this bag, and have developed a version as part of their range of luggage. I have added a central back pocket, as well as 2 roll top pockets to this design, and modified the back piece to make it easier to make up. Happy bagging!

I have added a gallery to (perhaps) give you some inspiration, and show what is possible. If you decide to use a wacky fabric to make a joke bag, you may need to stiffen it. I found iron on (or self-adhesive) pelmet stiffener to be ideal. Just stiffen the body of the bag, or the top part won't roll!

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